How to make a Claim

Should it be necessary to make a claim the following procedure MUST be adhered to within seven days of the mechanical breakdown.
Ensure that no work of any description is carried out on the vehicle without the express authorisation of the administrator. It must be clearly understood that costs for any other work started or completed before authorisation has been given will be your responsibility of the customer and will automatically invalidate any claim under this warranty.
Take the vehicle to the nearest VAT registered dealer, preferable the dealer who supplied the vehicle. Show the dealer your warranty booklet and your service invoices. When the dealer has confirmed the cause of the mechanical breakdown they will then need to arrange for an estimate to be completed and claim to be made to the administrator by telephone on 0344 770 4541. They will need from you:

  • Your warranty booklet.
  • Your receipted invoices for services.

The dealer will give Momentum Warranties Claims Department the following information:

  • Vehicle registration and warranty number.
  • The date that the problems was first noticed and the vehicle mileage.
  • The dates and mileages of any services undertaken during the warranty period.
  • Details of the repairs required and estimated repair costs.
IMPORTANT: It is essential that an authority number be obtained from the Administrator before any repairs commence. Tel: 0344 770 4541.